Our Mission…


We are committed to providing you with exceptional, unique and authentic experiences. We strive to bring you closer to nature and provide space to be surrounded by a tribe of like-minded, supportive humans, in a safe, and inclusive environment. We are here to help create space to rediscover and ignite your inner wisdom and passion for life through Yoga, mindfulness and adventure!

Find your Golden Hour with us.

Our Philosophy…

Golden Hour offers a variety of retreat layouts welcoming you to discover the two cosmic energies of Yin and Yang, a set of two opposing yet complementary principles that can be found in nature and within ourselves.

Our Yin focused retreats are centred around a slow-paced vibe, embracing an inward energy, honouring our intrinsic femininity. We turn inward to do the work and healing needed to re-ignite our passion for life through yoga and self-discovery.

Our Yang focused retreats embrace a fast-paced living, exploring our outward energy. These masculine forces are infused with adventure and daily activities made to enrich your golden hour experience, paired with yoga and mindfulness.

All retreats will focus on mindful awareness and the spiritual practice of yoga, as we believe this is a important part of your experience. We take you to beautiful places giving you the perfect opportunity to disconnect from everyday living bringing you closer to nature and yourself.