Why the Azores?


The Azores is an archipelago region (group of islands) of Portugal in the mid-Atlantic ocean. A subtropical paradise wrapped in a blanket of green meadows and deep valleys, naturally scented with wild flowers that have taken over the island. Golden Hour Retreats bring you closer to nature, allowing you to experience the real Azorian way of life!




Yoga classes are run in the morning at the location of stay. A part of the Azores experience is practicing yoga in a variety of scenic locations. We take you around the island to prime locations, giving you the opportunity to breathe, move and sweat it out in nature. We explore Asanas (postures) that push you to build balance and strength through dynamic and restorative sequencing.




Eat the way the locals do…from the land! Every region of the island has their secret recipe of making sweet bread, pairing with local cheese and wine. Azores is a breathing hole for geothermal activity, making Furnas (a small town) a prime region for natural underground cooking. Try authentic volcanic meals, exploring the rich Portuguese Cuisine. The Portuguese are also known for their desserts and fresh baked pastries but no Portuguese sweet list would be complete without saluting their custard tart Pastel De Nata. The Azores offers a variety of foods to meet your dietary needs and cravings.



A Change of Scenery

The Azores have some of the best hydro-thermal resources and healing waters on the planet. Here, many giant breathing holes remain, giving various springs of natural carbonic water, waterfalls and iron water pools to indulge in, leaving your body well-rested and restored. We explore some of these hot-springs as part of the Golden Hour Experience, giving you the chance to fully relax in nature’s paradise.




The Azores offers over a variety of 60+ different trails on the island of Sao Miguel. These footpaths take you to places wrapped in nature's beauty, bringing you deep into the heart of the island, from the seaside shore lines to mountain tops. The trails are divided into three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. The network of footpaths are suitable for all levels and ages, whether you are a lover of quiet walks or an adrenaline junkie. Our favourite hike is Lago Do Fogo!!!




The Secrets of Island

Legends and old wise tales have connected “The Lost City of Atlantis” to be sitting underneath the Azorian islands in the Atlantic ocean. These mystical stories are still not proven but the beauty of the island mirrors a true utopia. We get the rare opportunity to visit a cottage along the sea, far across the island in the only region that can produce wine. Here we eat local food foraged from the property, sample wine, meet the locals nearby and experience slow life living by the sea. Truly a remarkable experience.



Booking and Experience

Accommodates vary depending on the location of stay. In order to make your experience less stressful, let us help you book your flights and organize airport pick-up. For any further questions about stay and travel, we will help provide you with all the information needed to get the most out of your experience!