Hi there! My names Nicole and I am the founder of Golden Hour Yoga Collective. Yoga has been a big part of my life, and has kept me grounded and at ease since I first stepped on my mat. I decided to explore my Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 in Guatemala, and since then my heart has never felt more wide-open. A lot of healing, growing and self-discovery has come from choosing this path in my life, and I must say it hasn’t been easy. With self-discovery comes inner work and involves taking action. With intention, we work to become familiar with our best selves. This process isn’t always comfortable, but it is an essential part of our growth and journey to self-discovery.

I think some part of me always knew I wasn’t a 9-5 kind’ve girl. Although I worked hard being a jack of all trades, dipping in multiple part-time jobs, teaching yoga was something that came natural to me. I’ve never felt happier doing something I love, and I am firm believer in being passionate about the life you live. With this in mind, I wanted to create a business that would allow to share my passion for yoga and mindful living.

The Golden Hour Yoga Collective embodies a journey of coming back home to yourself. This collective isn’t just yoga, it’s a way of life. You can think of this space as an outlet to dream, rediscover, slow down, breathe, let go, heal, and connect with like-minded souls!

There is a place for everyone here and opportunity to learn, grow and make magic happen.

“This practice and way of life has pushed me to explore the bigger picture of my very existence. Without fail, when I feel like life is too hard, I make my way onto my mat and move my body in prayer. My breath, my spirit and my body have undeniable connection to each other. This is my practice, my truth and journey to healing with an open heart.”


Words of Kindness