Golden Hour Yoga Collective offers one-on-one guidance to design the perfect program that meets the needs of your mind, body and spirit. This practice can be held in the comfort of your home or any location of choice. We come to you with everything you need to begin your practice!


Benefits of 1-on-1 Yoga



Gaining Experience

Doing something for the first time can feel overwhelming. Working alongside with an experienced teacher can give you personalized tools to enhance your experience and provide immediate technique & alignment assistance to make the most of your hour!



Create Personal Goals

Your yoga practice can be tailored to your personal needs (flexibility, strength, meditation) and help with a sense of achievement and self-reward.



Personalized Schedule

Life can be hectic and it can be difficult to fit in one hour of yoga into your schedule. We're flexible in working with your needs around any plans or scheduling conflicts to reduce stress.



Injury and Health Specific

Injuries can make a yoga practice challenging, especially in a group setting. We never want to over complicate or re-injure ourselves, so working with someone who is able to provide you with the support and proper alignment is crucial to your healing & recovery time.